Rune Master: Tales of a Demon Slayer
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Major Characters

Diyero Rube - Age 23

The protagonist of Rune Master (and the source of the story's title), Diyero is a fairly young and inexperienced adventurer with a lot of formal training of various backgrounds. He has skills to hold his own in a fight and great survival instincts (and a TON of outright dumb luck), but has yet to prove himself as a great warrior. He decided to take on the task of demon slaying partly for the excitement and partly to carry on the tradition of his family (mother's side), who have a long line of great demon killers going back many generations. Though he overall has good intentions at heart, his goofy nature and bad habits tend to leave a negative impression on most people. The young Half-Duendo picked up a bad drinking habit at 18 and is already infamous for being constantly buzzed or drunk, and spends much of his time womanizing.

This habit has begun to change in recent months. Some weeks after meeting Kalanu, Diyero discovered the barmaid had a talent for magic, but didn't know much Archaic to cast spells. An arcane enthusiast himself, Diyero offered to teach her the language, and Kalanu agreed -- on the condition that he remained sober. Reluctant at first, Diyero has thus far managed to stay dry and educate his newest friend in the language of magic.

Kogeru Yubi - Age 34

Kogeru is a ronin -- a masterless bushi from the Senjo nation. By the time he met Diyero, he was already a long time wanderer and guardian of Mushin. He is like many from his homeland of Senjokuni: bound by honor and a sense of duty. Though his duty isn't to any lord or ruler like most bushi, Kogeru does feel a sense of duty to his friends and companions, most of all to little Mushin. He has a deep soft spot for the child, and his affection shows. It is unknown what happened to his right eye and his hands, and it may never be known, because Kogeru refuses to talk about it. A good natured soul, Kogeru is more an introvert, acting rather than talking, and preferring to speak only when he feels something needs to be said. In traveling with Diyero, this happens more often than Kogeru is accustomed to.

Mushin Kido - Age 6

Mushin is a very quiet little girl, bordering on muteness. Though she is capable of speaking, she chooses not to most of the time. Also a shy individual, Mushin can often be found hiding her face in Kogeru's robes when approached by anyone other than Kogeru himself, and sometimes Diyero. Though at this point it is unknown why she travels with the two men, Mushin is obviously very attached to the ronin, looking up to him like an older brother or father. She is also growing fond of the strange Diyero, referring to him as "Uncle Diyo" and once in a while tries to communicate with him using the few Trade words she knows.

Myron Zorba - Age 28

Myron is not an outcast in his society, though sometimes he feels like one. Most Ziegun study the arts or philosophies and spend their time debating viewpoints or entering the political forum. Myron, however, is a warrior at heart (albeit a mellow one), and while he appreciates the artful and philosophical history of his culture, holds little passion for it. Wishing to find more excitement, he joined Diyero and Kogeru on their trip back to the west. He has a rather amusing (to others, not him) speech impediment that makes him sound like a goat. Being a Ziegun doesn't help the matter seem any less humorous to his companions.

Hikari - Age 21

An old friend of Kogeru's -- or, so it seems -- Hikari is a well-trained assassin who has no qualms about killing. That is, provided it doesn't violate her personal code of honor. She believes in bringing swift justice (often in the form of death) to all those who deserve it, the moral alignment and gender of the violators be damned. Her concern is honor and justice, not good and evil, though she seems to have little issue with the others' good inclinations, and does show some concern over the destruction caused by evil beings. Giving an outward indifferent attitude most of the time, Hikari is more caring and sometimes more unsure of herself than she lets on. The shinobi also has a soft spot for Mushin, who looks up to her as an older sister.

Kalanu Aduladi - Age 25

Perhaps the first (non-loose) woman to resist the urge to react violently to Diyero's flirting, Kalanu is a barmaid in a small bar run by her father. At first very skeptic of Diyero and his friends' abilities to take on demons, (wondering if their current success has more to do with luck, rather than skill), she has started to befriend the crew. She has the innate ability to cast arcane magic, but a lack of knowledge in Archaic prevents her from doing much with it. Though not formally educated, Kalanu is literate in both Trade and Illphi, and is greatly interested in anything related to the arcane arts - history, spells, alchemy, magical theory and mathematics - if it's arcane, she'll happily read about it. Kalanu is headstrong and fairly quick of wit, and sometimes even quicker to irritation. However, she does have a prominent caring and helpful side as well, as evidenced by her willing to teach Mushin Trade with encouraging patience.

Minor Characters

Maggie Magdalene - Age 24

A wandering teacher/priestess who doesn't seem to have anywhere to go, Maggie sometimes appears teaching in a town or on a demon hunt where the crew is. She at first appears to be an old-fashioned, strict teacher but she is really a gentlewoman and a calm, agreeable person. Maggie loves children and feels it is a teacher's duty to protect them. Despite their obvious differences, she has a lot of respect for Diyero and his friends but doesn't seem to want to join their party on a long-term basis. Why is she wandering alone across Ehrdi? She seems to want to keep that a secret. Despite her "curse," everyone she meets admires and looks up to her. She never complains and is stone-faced in pain. Although short-statured, many demons fear the sight of her book and her thick-rimmed glasses: the last things they'll ever see.

Fayte Higgi - Age 15

Possibly toeball's biggest celebrity, Fayte made it into the professional and international leagues at the age of 14. The crew met him on their first trip to Primo, where the young athlete was being threated to throw a game in favor of a gang boss' betting habits. Fayte did not comply, and when violence broke out, the young teen proved he was more than capable of taking care of himself. Though he'll sometimes jokingly refer to himself as "awesome" or "the best," Fayte actually doesn't let his fame go to his head. Quite mature (and tall) for his age, the young sports star nearly always keeps up a cool, calm front... One that betrays his inner, goofy, fun-loving self. Though Diyero and his crew have yet to see much of it, Fayte does have a lighthearted, quick-witted side that he tends to lets shine once in a while. A loyal friend and caring (yet perhaps a bit "rough around the edges"), Fayte is a handy man to have in a fix, and won't back down from a challenge.

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