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Briana Higgins is co-writer and artist of Rune Master. She came up with the concept of the Rune Master world mainly out of boredom and too much free time on her hands. She's too stubborn for her own good and enjoys being weird. Her favorite hobby (more of a lifestyle) is drawing, but she also loves writing, reading, playing video games, watching movies/cartoons, making websites, and cuddling with her cats, Tigger and Neko when she's at her parents' house. She is an Armstrong Atlantic State University alumni and currently runs her own small design/illustration company, BAH Studios. Also, she finds writing about herself in the third person both amusing and awkward.
Who is Carissa Palazzo? Is she a piece of cheese?? No! She's a Wicked/Wizard of Oz nerd, an anime/cartoon watcher, a Playstation 2-oholic, a Literature major (she's not sure why yet), a contributor [i.e. co-writer] for Rune Master and hopes one day to have a practice webcomic and then an epic cowboy webcomic once she has mad skillz...yo. In the meantime she will doodle all over any piece of paper she receives, write down any ideas she gets in her tiny brain she has, and re-read The Enchanted Forest Chronicles for the hundred-and-fiftieth time. Carissa can be seen mostly at night bothering Briana for computer help, playing PS2, goofing off, trying to make her kitty love her, reading, or typing essays she should've done a week ago. Carissa is not sure what she wants to do when she (finally) grows up but she hopes it involves stalking Japanese seiyuu Yuriko Fuchizaki or taking over the Wicked theater so she can see the show as many times as she wants. ...Or kidnapping Briana... Whatever's easiest.

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