Rune Master: Tales of a Demon Slayer
For those of you brand new to Rune Master, here's a few things you should know:

Who does it?
Rune Master was written by Briana Higgins and Carissa Palazzo. Briana also draws the comic and maintains the website.

It should be noted the story's all plotted out -- it's been in "production" since 2005, so yeah... Lots of planning... No worries about writer's block, only if Briana can keep up with drawing.

Where's the newest page?
Displayed on the front page. You really can't miss it.

What's Rune Master about?
Rune Master follows the adventures of Diyero, a young rune-scribing, sword-swinging demon slayer who has a serious alcohol and womanizing problem. He is accompanied by his friends: Kogeru, the serious ronin; Mushin, the shy little girl; Myron, the stuttering goatman archer; and Hikari, a strange and deadly shinobi assassin.

Where is Rune Master set?
Rune Master is set in Ehrdi, a fantasy world is of Briana's own creation, and she believes it's fairly atypical of most fantasy worlds aside from the fact it does have magic and some medieval themes; for more on the world if you're interested, please look at the World section or better yet, the wiki.

IT SHOULD BE NOTED YOU DO NOT NEED TO READ THESE SECTIONS TO UNDERSTAND RUNE MASTER!! If all you want to do is read the comic, anything you'd have to know is already in the comic itself. We try to minimize confusing details.

Where should I start?
Though humor is a strong element in Rune Master, it not a gag-a-day comic, but a story-driven one... So it would be wise to begin at page 1. Otherwise, you might find yourself confused.

When does it update?
Rune Master has a Monday through Friday update schedule. So far Briana's been real good about keeping this up -- especially since she keeps a 10-15 page completed buffer, and about 30-60 total pages drawn ahead of the current update.

Anything else?
There's plenty more to the site other than the comic:
  • The Characters section contains basic profiles on the characters in Rune Master.
  • The World section is a condensed version of the wiki for those who don't wish to read too much, or would like to see an interactive Flash map of Ehrdi.
  • The Ehrdipedia is updated often and contains a plethora of extra background information on Rune Master and the world it's set in. Though some of the same information from the Characters and World sections are found on the wiki, Ehrdipedia goes into much more detail and contains trivia information and other interesting tidbits.
  • The Extras section contains many points of interest, including media downloads (like wallpapers), tutorials, quizzes, and background information on the production of the comic.
  • Ask Diyero is a place where you can send in e-mails to Diyero and Kogeru for them to answer. It's updated whenever a new question is received.

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