Rune Master: Tales of a Demon Slayer

6/21/13: Rune Master is concluded! Please read the news for some inportant information on Briana's next project!

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A Long Journey, A New Destination Jun 21 2013 Briana | RSS
Nearly eight years ago, I approached my friend Carissa about co-writing a fantasy webcomic with me. We weren't sure initially where to take it, but I wanted to work on another comic after trying and losing interest in high school. I needed something fun, something creative to do, and I wanted to do it with one of my oldest friends.

It's been quite a journey getting here. I have a habit of starting personal projects and never finishing them, but I made it through. I know RM has never had a large fanbase, but for those of you who followed us through the years - including through the rare downtimes - I thank you. For every person who comments on pages - whether it was just recently or with some regularity, I read and appreciate every bit of feedback, and the loyalty you have for this comic and its characters. Every comment, every fan art, every Ask Diyero question - it all made it worthwhile. Thank you all so much for reading!

Rune Master will remain online, archived for any to read. I've no intention of taking it down anytime soon, if ever withing my lifetime. It's not perfect, but I've learned a lot about storytelling and art through it, and it'll always hold a special place in my heart. Maybe someone new will enjoy it someday.

And that brings me to the next part of this journey: What next? Well, I'm not doing another grand comic anytime soon. While I've illustrated indie print comics in my years as a freelancer, I need a break from webcomics. However, I'm far from done with fantasy and worldbuilding. Which is why I'm quite excited to announce my next big project, Waracle - an ancient fantasy setting that draws its influences from South America, Mesopotamia, India, and other regions and cultures often glossed over, if not completely overlooked, by most fantasy games. It's still in development, but you can follow its progress here on the official site. I hope fellow fantasy and RPG geeks will check it out!

Part of me is sad to see Rune Master complete, but I eagerly move forward into new territories, so come along for the ride! Again, thanks to everyone for reading, and may your life's travels lead you well!

The End Begins Mar 22 2013 Briana | RSS
It's been a long ride, but Rune Master is winding down to a close. Originally, there were going to be 15 chapters in both books, but when I was going through the scripts at the end, I found the last four chapters (both originally two-parters) had a lot of meandering and tangenting scenes and dialogue that strayed a bit too far off plot, and by the time I was done tweaking them, the last four chapters had become condensed into two.

There will be an epilogue too, a page or two for each main character. The final chapter should finish sometime around June.

Also, I've taken down Ask Diyero. Aside from barely being used, my host is ceasing support for MySQL 4.0 soon, and Ask Diyero uses a very old version of Wordpress that doesn't work with MySQL 5.0. If it was something that was used frequently, I would go through the long process of creating a new site section and setup for it, but unless a lot of interest is shown in bringing it back, I'm just taking it down.

Buffer Progress Nov 02 2012 Briana | RSS
I've almost enough buffer to do a 3 page a week schedule. However, I'll be gone half the week next week. So, in the meantime I'll work on the remaining buffer pages and on Monday, November 12th, Rune Master will have a tentative Monday, Wednesday, and Friday update schedule.

Thanks for you patience and sticking with us!

Buffers Oct 19 2012 Briana | RSS
I find myself with more freelance work, which is good on my wallet, but bad for RM. But then, I remembered that I was actually able to update RM more often when I was busier and in college. I worked RM into a regular schedule and built a buffer.

So, while I don't have a school schedule anymore, I'm enforcing my own regular schedule for RM. I've put aside a few hours every weekday to work on pages. My intent is to rebuild the buffer and keep it up again so I can return to 3-5 pages a week update.

The good news is, this means more frequent, consistent updates again. The bad news is, building a buffer takes time. It will likely be at least another week or two before I can get the buffer made and update the comic. I will keep you guys posted.

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